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United States:
toll free: (866) 420-5396
toll free: (866) 537-2455

Quicksilver Resources Inc. welcomes all inquires. Please help us by directing your inquiries to the appropriate group.

General Inquiries

United States: (877) 665-8600
Canada: (866) 537-2455

Media and Investor Relations Inquiries:

Refer to our Investor Relations section for shareholder and financial information. To request an Investor Packet, or to contact our Investor Relations Department please complete the Investor Relations contact form.

Interest Owner Inquiries:

Refer to our Interest Owner section for frequently asked questions and forms. Please view our Online System for check detail. Contact our Interest Owner Relations Department for additional information:

local: (817) 877-1787
toll-free: (877) 665-8600

Compliance Hotline:

A stockholder or other interested party can contact the non-employee directors through our third-party compliance hotline at (800) 826-6762. Communications through the compliance hotline may be submitted confidentially and/or anonymously.

Midstream Gathering and Processing:

Companies interested in utilizing Quicksilver Resources gathering or processing services can contact:

Cliff Rupnow
Vice President Midstream Development
Office: (817) 665-4970
Cell: (817) 239-5547

Canada Specific Contacts

Environmental Contacts:
For assistance on weeds, spills, right of way clean up, reclamation, or other environmental concerns please contact QRCI Environmental Contacts at 1 (866) 537-3238 or email:

Sponsorship Requests:
If you have a fundraiser initiative and are looking for sponsorship, submit an electronic sponsorship request click here. Our Canadian staff will review the submission and contact you if your initiative meets our criteria.

Website Questions/Content:
Your feedback is important to us in every way. Any questions or comments related to the Canada section of our site should be submitted through the feedback form.