Gulf Of Mexico Shell Maintainance Contract Secured By Danos

“Shell Maintainance Contract”

The Shell Exploration and Production Company, which is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, recently contracted Danos to be in charge of the maintenance of its Gulf of Mexico oil and gas exploration infrastructure. The contract which was secured late in September 2017, entails that Danos will be in charge of providing both the automation and mechanical services to facilitate the maintenance of three of the Gulf of Mexico oil and gas exploration infrastructure. It is a huge contract which was sought after by many other companies within the sector. Danos led the bids based on its robust and highly innovative mechanical and automation services. But, there are other factors which are at play and largely account for the firm’s ability to have emerged as winners of the contract.


“General Information About Danos”

General Information About Danos

Danos is one of the world’s most prolific figures of the oil and gas sector. Even though it is not actively involved in the production and distribution of oil and natural gas, it works closely with a number of notable companies within the sector to maintain the oil and gas production infrastructure. It also offers project management services involving automation and mechanical related projects. The company has been around for more than 50 years and has enjoyed attention from many oil and natural gas firms across the US and beyond. This contract is one out of the many that Shell has given to Danos owing to the firms’ strong relations. It is understood that the project will open a new chapter in the cooperation between them.


“Longstanding Relationship
Between Shell And Danos”

The Longstanding Relationship Between Shell And Danos

An important factor at play is the long-term relationship involving Danos and Shell. The two companies have worked together for close to half a century and this year marks over 46 years of close partnership between them. The two big names have collaborated their efforts to develop the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to their close relationship, the Gulf Of Mexico today contributes greatly to the global oil and gas demand. It remains one of the most important and most prolific oil and gas regions in the US.

Speaking after the announcement of the contract was Mark Danos, the vice president of services for Danos. He stated that his company is more than committed to providing project management services that meet world-class standards. In a bid to reaffirm the company’s support for the maintenance of the deep-water assets off the Gulf of Mexico, Danos stated that the company was doing everything in its power to make sure that Shell’s deep-water assets are handled by a fully integrated team. He further added that Danos has a great team of experts which is capable of maximising efficiency while leading an example to others in the industry. He further added that Danos is committed to ensuring that the longstanding relationship between the two companies remains intact, both now and in the future.

There are other projects that Danos and Shell are engaged in aside from this new contract involving the maintenance of the Gulf of Mexico deep-water oil and gas infrastructure. Currently, Danos is also under a contract aimed at supporting the various unconventional reservoirs that Shell oversees in the Appalachian and Permian regions. These regions are marked as some of the major sources of both oil and natural gas for the country and the region as a whole.


“The Terms Of The Contract”

The Terms Of The Contract

According to the terms of the contract, a number of services will be provided by Danos. It will be responsible for the construction of various structures to support Shell’s infrastructure in the region. Further, Danos will also be responsible for the management of projects pertaining to the maintenance of the infrastructure owned by Shell. The company will also be responsible for providing both automation and scaffolding services for the leg platforms owned by Shell. According to the company’s services vice-president, Danos is going to mobilise around 100 workers to man the project. Sources suggest that the workers are all going to be sourced from the state of Louisiana. Shell’s leg platforms which are due to be targeted by the project include the Ram Powell tension, Salsa fixed and the Auger platforms.