US States With The Highest Natural Resource Companies

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“Highest Natural Resource

Many states across the US are home to various natural resources which the country boasts of. The US boasts of natural resources which are valued at $45 trillion. This is the second greatest value in natural resources that has ever been recorded. For example, the country’s coal reserves account for 31% of the total coal in the world. No doubt, the country receives investors from all parts of the world who harness the value of its resources. The country’s list of natural resources is actually very hard to exhaust. It is endowed with natural gas, coal, crude oil, uranium, rare earth metals, copper, water and zinc to name a few.

“Some of the States in U.S has the
Highest Natural Resources”

Even though most of the natural resources that the country boasts of are spread across its states, there are certain states with a lion share of the resources. These states tend to attract more investors than other states. As such, they boast of more companies than other states. Some of the states with a large concentration of companies that harness the value of natural resources are highlighted in the passage. Each of the companies indicated below is involved in the exploitation of one or more of the natural resources which the country boasts of. The resources indicated below are either renewable or non-renewable. But most of them are actually non-renewable. In order to streamline the comparison, the natural resources that are available in the states are indicated along with the manner in which they are distributed across the states involved.


“One of the Major Oil
Producer in the World”


The US is among the major producers of oil in the world although it also remains one of the major importers of the commodity. Five states contribute to the country’s oil output and large concentration companies which produce and distribute the product. The major ones are Texas, North Dakota, California, Alaska and Oklahoma.


“US is Home to An Abundance
of Natural Gas”

Natural Gas

While the US is home to an abundance of natural gas, the quantity the country produces is not enough to meet its demand. Subsequently, it has to import a substantial amount to supply the population’s needs. The commodity is found in a number of states across the US. However, only around four or five states have enough natural gas worth giving attention to. Texas accounts for around 30% of the total natural gas produced in the US and is home to most of the companies that are involved in its production and distribution.

“Other states worth mentioning are Louisiana, Wyoming and Oklahoma which account for 13%, 9% and 8% of the total natural gas produced in the country, respectively.

“The Three Major Regions
of Coal Producer”


Coal is mainly found in three major regions of the US, namely the Appalachian coal region, the western coal region and the interior coal region. This also encompasses the Powder River basin. The US as a whole contributes to over 30% of the total coal that is produced globally, making it the largest producer of coal in the whole world. The state of Wyoming is actually the largest producer of coal in the US. Other states which also contribute greatly to the country’s total coal output are Illinois and West Virginia. These states have many companies which are actively involved in the production of coal for purposes of meeting the country’s energy demand.


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