The Top US Oil And Gas Companies

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“Top US Oil And Gas Companies”

The US is one of the major importers of crude oil. This is mainly because the country has a very huge demand for the commodity and needs it to keep its industries running smoothly. But, the country also produces a lot of crude oil despite its inability to meet its needs. For example, the Energy Information Administration reported that the country imported around 19.7 million b/d of crude oil. This is actually more than twice the amount of crude oil that the country is able to produce. Since the US is both a major producer and importer of crude oil, it is a viable place for business in the oil and natural gas sector. Therefore, it attracts a lot of investors in this area. Today, it is home to some of the most revered companies of the global oil and natural gas sector. Here is a look at some of the most notable examples of oil and gas companies that are in the driving seat of the country’s oil and gas sector.

  • ConocoPhilips, popularly known as COP, the company boasts of a market capital which well above $50 billion and an FCF of $256 billion.
  • EOG Resources, Inc boasts of $46 billion as market capital and $325 as FCF
  • Anardako Petroleum Corporation, it has an FCF of $276 billion and $27.2 as market capital
  • Pioneer Natural Resources Co, has an FCF of -$118 billion and $ 25.5 billion as market capital
  • Devon Energy Co with an FCF and market capital of $-708 billion and $19 billion respectively


“Global oil business”

Each of these oil and gas companies are major contributors to the global oil and gas sector. Further, they have earnings and assets which amount to billions of dollars. The Forbes’ list of the top US companies indicated above takes into account the quarterly earnings of each firm. Therefore, it subject to change as often as a change in quarterly earnings and asset values have been registered. It generally ranks the companies according to their market capital.


“In the recent past, Forbes had started gauging the performance of oil and gas companies in the US based on their FCF (free cash flow ) standing.

FCF may mean the amount of money that is available for reinvestment, or the total amount of money that is available for distribution to the company’s shareholders. This is the same amount of money that has the capacity to improve a country’s investment capital. It is calculated by considering the company’s net income, adding amortisation and depreciation, and making adjustments for impairments to properties of oil and gas. This is followed by subtracting the interest paid, variations in working capital and expenditures in capital.


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